How The Ownery can change the way you save for a home.

Every so often, a new idea comes along that completely revolutionises the way something is done. When TradeMe first launched in New Zealand back in 1999, it radically changed the way Kiwis buy and sell just about anything (remember ‘classified ads’ anyone?).

Likewise, peer-to-peer lending groups like Harmoney and Squirrel have revolutionised the way New Zealanders lend or borrow money – to and from each other – instead of from the bank.

And now, finally, there’s a much-needed new product that is set to revolutionise the way Kiwis save for a home: The Ownery.


The Ownery: lowering the property ladder for Kiwis.

The Ownery is set to change the game for first home buyers by offering a smarter, faster and simpler way to step into the housing market: by saving in houses.

Instead of waiting for years to enter the housing market, you can step onto the property ladder from day one, for as little as $500. And because you’re saving in the market you’re saving for (namely the housing market), your savings move in step with house prices.  Which means no more falling behind!

Check out how it works here.

Effectively, The Ownery is positioning itself to lower the property ladder, so that more and more Kiwis can step onto that first rung – and keep climbing towards the ultimate goal: owning your own home.


The thinking behind The Ownery

Like so many ground-breaking ideas, The Ownery began with a question that challenged the status quo: how can we find a better way? Co-founder Kurt Settle and I had both returned from working overseas to settle down back here with our families (as so many Kiwis do). We were dismayed to find that rocketing house prices meant that many first home buyers were locked out of the market (read more about that here). 

We could also see that the old way of saving in the bank, as generations of Kiwis have done until now, simply wasn’t working any longer for New Zealanders.

So we brought together a team of talented, like-minded Kiwis – and we’ve found a way to change the game.


A bit about our team…

We’re a diverse bunch of New Zealanders who believe that owning your own home should be something everyone can achieve.

As co-founder and CEO, I’ve had many years experience in senior technology roles, across a variety of industries. I was an early adopter of agile management practises, and have led many teams to challenge the status quo and adopt new smarter ways of working.

Kurt Settle, our Co-founder and Product Lead, got involved in the hedge fund industry in its early days and has held senior positions within one of the biggest hedge funds in the world: an early adopter in an industry that has kept the investment management industry on its toes.

Also on board is our property maestro, Justin Kean, who injects a ton of property experience into our Kiwi team, having worked in the property industry both locally and around the globe.

Then there’s our technology man, Ratha Long, who knows how to tell computers to do all sorts of useful things for us – and our hugely experienced marketing guru, Jocelyn Bray, who specialises in working with organisations that make a real difference to New Zealand society (like The Ownery).


We’ve also engaged some of New Zealand’s top financial, legal, digital and creative minds – and we’ve worked closely with the FMA (Financial Markets Authority) to create a viable savings alternative for New Zealanders.

Nearly two years in the making, it’s been quite a journey. But we reckon it’s been worth every step if we can help more Kiwis into home ownership.

Click here to find out how The Ownery can help you get onto the property ladder sooner.

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